Shaving Soap

Olive natural shave soaps create a thick rich lather to give a close shave while leaving your skin smooth and soft.  Our soaps are enriched with Shea butter and Cocoa butter to condition and nourish the skin. Complete your grooming routine with O'LIVE BEARD OIL.

Our Shaving soaps come in 3 unique fragrances :viz.

  1. OUHOUT SHAVE SOAP is made with Cedar Wood and Indigenous Ouhout essential oil to give  a warm woodsy sensual scent.  
  2. OUBOS SHAVE SOAP is made with an unusual blend of indigenous essential oils like Buchu, African Wormwood and African Bluegrass to lend an earthy fragrance to your shave
  3. OU SPICE SHAVE SOAP is made with Ginger essential oil and blended with cardamon, clove and a touch of orange tp create a sophisticated scent enjoyed by men and women


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