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Q: Who is a Designer Maker?  

Independent designers, artists and craftspeople who design and make a wide array of products without being part of a large, industrialised business. The designs created generally include work and art that is individual to that designer and are produced in small scale batches. source :  Wikipedia

Can I sell my products on the Hello Africa Marketplace site?

Yes! Our creative team is always on the look-out for new and exciting African Designer Makers. So if your items are unique, beautifully crafted or desirable and you want an online sales channel for your brand, we’d love to hear from you!   If you’re interested in becoming a partner on our site, you could drop us a note together with a short bio and portfolio to and we’ll be in touch!

Q: What products can I sell on Hello Africa Marketplace?

Products designed or produced by you, your organisation, Trust or Co-operative that meet the design brief for “quality contemporary African design” may be accepted for sale on our site.  At our design team’s discretion, products that fall outside this may be accepted provided they always meet the design aesthetic of a quality produced product. All products sold on the site will be at the discretion of the design team at Hello Africa Marketplace.

Q: How does this relationship work?

At Hello Africa Marketplace we want to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with designer makers who choose to sell their products on our site.  In our efforts to be inclusive of all partners, we offer 2 options for selling on our site:

  1. Designer Maker Order  Fulfillment -  this option is aimed at the established designer who is able to manage the order fulfillment process both locally and internationally. We market and sell your products, manage orders and customer service while you manage shipping and delivery directly to the customer.  This is the perfect option for the designer wanting a sales channel in addition to your own website or store, without the hassle of managing an additional sales channel.
  2. Designer Maker Buy Out - this option is aimed at the emerging designer who has limited time and resources to deliver and ship orders directly.  Hello Africa Marketplace buys and pays for specific product quantities,  keeps stock on hand  to fulfill orders and delivers directly to the customer. We manage the fulfillment process and all customer service interactions with the long term goal that businesses grow to deliver and fulfill orders eventually. 

Q: How much will this cost me?

Hello Africa Marketplace charges a payment processing fee of 5%.  This fee is for merchant services entered into with our bankers and third party service providers who offer easy payment solutions to our customers.

In addition we charge 15% and 20% respectively for marketing, order management and customer liaison services from our site.

These charges are only initiated once a product has been sold and paid for from our site.

Q: Would I need to interact with customers at all?

No. As the retailer, Hello Africa Marketplace will be 100% responsible for dealing with customers. We’ll market your products, handle and resolve all customer issues, while you’re responsible for products quality and availability.