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Meet the Designer: Bentley Van Wyk

In the hustle and bustle of our mass produced world it is often difficult to find a unique gift among the plethora of  imported items we are assailed with is our malls and supermarkets. Fortunately, one designer is breathing fresh life into the decor world with his unique work and design aesthetic. 

Bentley Van Wyk is a ceramic artist and designer, a title he proudly carries that encompasses his approach to his craft far more fittingly than that of a pottery maker.  His distinguishing patterns are created with a variety of stamps that he handcrafts using wood, plaster, or any other materials he finds of interest. 

His passion for working behind the potter's wheel drives him to create stunning designs that are not only visually appealing, but are versatile in use. Despite his youth, Bentley prefers utilising "old-fashioned" techniques which are refreshing in a world centred on modernism and technology. He fears that we are losing our appreciation for handmade artwork and crafts and celebrates the return to authentic small scale production with a conscience.

Bentley lives and grew up in  the windy city  of  Port  Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape and studied ceramic design at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.  Through his sheer determination and hard work,  he aspires to grow and develop into a master craftsman so that he can teach disadvantaged young people to appreciate the art as passionately as he does.

Porcelain is his medium of choice and the creative ways in which he uses it gives an extra dimension to his work by providing a translucent effect when  light reacts to the stamped surfaces of his bowls. Bentley has also experimented with earthenware, resulting in breath-taking results. 

Bentley Van Wyk: Potter at work

Although he initially comes across as rather shy, he becomes animated when talking about his love of his craft and his eagerness to share his technical knowledge. His devotion is infectious so much so that he could inspire you to dabble in pottery making yourselves... 

We are privileged to showcase Bentley's range of work at Hello Africa Marketplace which can be found in our Ceramics section.