Giveback not Giveaway Women's Month Offer

Why Giveback not Giveaway?

At Hello Africa Marketplace our mantra is ‘When women support each other, incredible things happen’.  Women's Month is often an opportunity to reward and grow social media followers by offering generous competition giveaways.  This year instead, we'd like you to join the #GiveBackNotGiveaway  movement by purchasing a limited edition Privacy Pouch where all profits will be donated to a Women's Shelter in Johannesburg.

The Frida Hartley Women's Shelter

This August, we’ve partnered with the Frida Hartley Shelter in Johannesburg helping dispossessed and abused women become independent & resilient.

The Frida Hartley Shelter for destitute women and children in Yeoville, takes in homeless women, and their children who have endured neglect, abuse, trauma and homelessness. We shelter individuals who have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet; young homeless mothers looking to kick-start their lives; and individuals going through financial difficulties (affected by retrenchment or unemployment).

The shelter is a non-profit organisation that aims to empower women, through providing accommodation, psycho-social support, employment, and training. The Frida Hartley Shelter also provides nutrition and childcare to the children housed at the shelter with their mother. This allows the mothers the time they need whilst they are job hunting.

The services we offer include, but are not limited to FREE job-skills training, accommodation up to 6 months, 3 meals a day, monthly toiletries, counselling, life skills training, entrepreneurial skills training and referrals to workplace employment and further psycho-social support. We aim to enable mothers to regain their dignity by becoming independent of the shelter, in order to adequately support themselves and their children. 




The Limited Edition Privacy Pouch

We were purposeful when choosing the Privacy Pouch as our Women’s Month product offer.  'Period poverty’ is a problem that many South African women & girls endure and the shelter makes a real difference by offering toiletries and hygiene products to the women they serve.

This product has been specifically designed for Women's Month and is available during August only.  

How can I help?

By purchasing a Privacy Pouch during Women’s Month, you’ll make a difference when 100% of the profit of every product sold will be donated to the Frida Hartley Women’s Shelter.  Buy one, buy two or more!  Think stocking fillers, gifts and tokens of appreciation for this month and beyond .

Sizes Available

Our single sleeve pouch is handmade and uses ShweShwe off-cuts and canvas.  This nifty holder is designed to fit tampons, panty-liners and sanitary pads without revealing it's contents.  The pouch is as small as a coin-purse, slim in design, takes up very little space and could easily fit into the palm of your hand. We're sure however, that every woman will find her personal way of using this versatile product.

The double sleeve pouch  has 2 sleeves to hold double the contents but still remain slim and compact.  One side can be used to store sanitary pads or panty-liners while the other is ideal for keeping most sized tampons.

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