by Sandra Matutoane May 24, 2018

"Write a blog" everyone said... "you must have a blog!"

So much easier said than done especially when blogging descends into slogging and if you're anything like me, you too may fall back exhausted and call it a day.  So copious cups of coffee and many months later, we took the advice of those social media gurus and dedicated our blog to our passions & interests. Our crazy inner city, our little indulgences, our creative collaborations and of course the catalyst for all this, our business venture in Maboneng called Hello Africa Marketplace(More about this in upcoming posts)

Johannesburg  put on a quite a show the other day when autumn arrived unannounced, and appeared with a sharp chill that drove us indoors over the Royal Wedding weekend.  Of course autumn did not arrive unannounced.  Several weeks earlier it started transforming the canopy of trees across our city streets & parks turning them yellow, gold and red.  It dawned on me then how much I really love autumn. Not just autumn, but autumn in Joburg where the landscape grabs your attention as Mother Nature blesses us with warm sunny days and cool nights, then seduces us into believing that winter is never coming.

Joburg, said to be one of the largest urban forest cities, seems to compel its residents outdoors, willing us to visit the city's parks, the weekend markets and walking trails to get out and explore Jozi during this magical time.  Honestly, who can possibly resist this invitation?

Maboneng, our slice of the city is still a conundrum to many Gauteng residents - it's cool, urban aesthetic rising suspicion rather than intrigue. Is it safe, is it not. Is it worth the trek, maybe not?  What's there to see, what's there to do?   Ask any visitor what part of our country feels authentically African, and most will list Maboneng in Johannesburg as one of the must see places. This creative neighbourhood makes no apology for its energetic diversity, but if you know where to look you’ll be surprised by what you'll find on warehouse rooftops, in ageing office blocks and car parks. 

So this autumn, before that one bitterly cold week arrives - you know the one I speak of - head east towards the inner city and be charmed by what secrets Joburg has to offer.

Sandra Matutoane
Sandra Matutoane

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